Your own kind of wonderful

EP 13 - Natural health and wellness with Diana t Hooft

October 1, 2018

‘It is very important to have, not only energy to do the things you need to do, but the vitality to enjoy the things you want to do.’ Diana t Hooft In this month’s episode of Your own kind of wonderful, my guest Diana t Hooft talks about nutrition and wellness and how vital it is to make sure we are looking after our insides and not just what we project on the outside. Diana explains how, through personal experience, she found a professional calling to help others serve themselves in a better way through finding a holistic approach to their health. With great knowledge shared in this podcast, the listener will find starting points to ask whether there are alternatives to conventional medicine and how to start healing their body naturally. Diana is the Founder of Natural Feedback, an online health center for preventive and alternative health care. With more than 20 years-experience in the fields of wellness and health she works as a nutritional therapist and vitality coach where she guides corporations, entrepreneurs, athletes and individuals to a better and healthier lifestyle. You can find more information about Diana at: Facebook:

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