Your own kind of wonderful

EP 10 - Mastering manifestation with guest Liz Davies

June 1, 2018

‘Our imagination is powerful - more powerful than we realise.’ Liz Davies In this month’s episode of Your own kind of wonderful, my radiant guest Liz Davies, talks about manifesting and how powerful a tool it can be. Dividing the process into bite size stages, Liz uses her experience to explain how to start manifesting. This will allow you to gain a real sense and understanding of this thought provoking subject. If you are ready to discover an empowering way to live a more abundant life, then this episode is for you. Liz is a Miracle Coach, coaching people to live their most miraculous life. Having worked in mental health for about 15 years, she trained in hypnotherapy and EFT and the magic really started to flow! You can find more information about Liz at: Facebook

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