Your own kind of wonderful


December 1, 2018

“I want children to know to be themselves, follow their own path, find their own des-tiny, believe in their dreams and thrive as much as possible” Kicki Pallin In this month’s episode of Your own kind of wonderful, my wonderful guest Kicki Pallin talks about being an author of children books and how important it is to encourage children to believe they are perfect just the way they are. With an absolute passion for wanting children to feel safe, loved and secure in who they are, Kicki talks about her books and the stories they tell. With a love for magic and life, Kicki shares an in-sight into how we are all special with gifts to share, gifts that need to be cultivated when we are young. Kicki Pallin says that she has been a writer all her life and discovered the pleasure of reading and writing early on. She says that she would feel at an utter loss if she one day wouldn’t be able to express herself in writing. As well as writing children’s books, she has written for newspapers, radio and various social media. She is also the owner of Pallin Communications, she paints and works as a tutor and coach. And she also plays a very important role in the worldwide network Global Woman. You can find more information about Kicki at: Facebook: Twitter:

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