Your own kind of wonderful


October 31, 2017

“Self-esteem is the basic underlying feeling that you are acceptable, you are good enough, you are OK, you have the ability to learn you are deserving of happiness. From that comes fulfilment.” Rachel Jane Cooke Self-esteem is in the spotlight in this months episode of Own kind of wonderful. Self-esteem expert Rachel Jane Cooke focuses in on breaking the myths around the subject as well as really clarifying what self-esteem is, why it is important and the consequences of low self-esteem. Ways to improve your self-esteem is also on offer. And if you haven't heard about the Millennial Life Crisis - this is the place to find out what it is. Rachel Jane Cooke is a therapist, coach and speaker who specialises in self-esteem, resilience and the Third Life Crisis. She has spent the last seven years working with individuals and couples, running an online therapy platform and giving talks and workshops. She has a focus on neuroscience, holds a Master's degree in Integrative Psychotherapy and is also trained in NLP, mindfulness meditation, hypnotherapy and EFT - Emotionally Focused Therapy for Couples. At 32 Rachel has lived around the world and visited over 50 countries. She's started three businesses and worked in various challenging environments. She is most passionate about helping people develop confidence, courage, creativity and wholeheartedness, which she believes anyone can realise with the right knowledge, practice and support. You can find Rachel at her websites and