Your own kind of wonderful

EP 5 - Finding your path to self-acceptance with Patty Stiles

December 25, 2017

“We all deserve forgiveness and compassion and second chances. Love will always win.” Patty Stiles In this month’s episode of Your own kind of wonderful, my guest, Patty Stiles, talks about self-acceptance and being who you are. Discussing self-compassion, mindfulness and even grief, Patti talks with honesty and clarity on how you can find a path to accepting yourself as you are and stepping into your greatness. Drawing on work by Brene Brown and Byron Katie, this episode, along with a compassionate meditation will help you find your path to self-acceptance. Patty is a Marisa Peer trained Rapid Transformational Therapy Practitioner and Conflict Management Coach, and finds that self-acceptance and self-compassion are pivotal in recognising or waking up to who we really are. You can find more information about Patty at: