Your own kind of wonderful

EP 6 - Letting go of anxiety as a lifestyle with Emma Gosling

February 1, 2018

“We all have it in us to improve our life, it’s just knowing how to do it.” Emma Gosling In this month’s episode of Your own kind of wonderful, my guest Emma Gosling talks openly about anxiety and negative thoughts. Using her own personal viewpoint and professional experience, Emma delves into what anxiety is and offers strategies to help combat it. With great insight into negative thoughts and how they affect us, the podcast reveals how much of a role the subconscious plays in the process. If you suffer from symptoms of anxiety, would like to understand where they come from and how you can manage them, then this is the podcast for you. Emma is a Marisa Peer trained Rapid Transformational Therapist specializing in freeing people from anxiety and lack of self-belief. Emma strongly believes that the key to emotional and mental wellbeing starts with reactivating the beliefs that we are good enough, lovable and worthy; beliefs that we are all born with but which become overridden by our life experiences as we grow. You can find more information about Emma at: Facebook Twitter