Your own kind of wonderful

EP 9 - The dark side of perfectionism with guest Sophia Lightfoot

May 1, 2018

‘Be ok with failing, be ok with falling, be ok with making mistakes, because we know that each time we do that, we learn.’ Sophia Lightfoot. In this month’s episode of Your own kind of wonderful, my guest Sophia Lightfoot talks about Perfectionism, what leads us to strive for it and how this can lead to bitter disappointment and anxiety. Sophia talks with clarity from both a personal and professional viewpoint, asking and answering questions on differences between perfection and high standards and what happens to us when we are unable to reach those levels. Sophia is a reformed perfectionist who spent her first four decades living on the sidelines in so many areas of her life: procrastinating, making excuses, blaming others and hiding from her fears...until she discovered the secret to taking action, moving forward and stepping up is to EMBRACE IMPERFECTION. After all, she who waits for duck to fly into mouth, wait long time! You can find more information about Sophia at: Facebook

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