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The Your own kind of wonderful podcast is aimed at women who are curious about life and soulful living. Women whose interest is sparked by discussions and explorations in the areas of growth, joy, love and personal freedom. My name is Tiina Mokvist and my mission is to guide conscious women on the edge of the extraordinary, to reawaken their fire, follow their heart’s desire and light up their world.

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Thursday Aug 01, 2019

‘I don’t think I’ve ever met so many loving caring people ever anywhere, anytime before. In this society where there is no safety net, people step up.’ Annica Westman
In this month’s episode my guest Annica talks about her time as a volunteer working with the non-profit organisation Bobbi Bear in South Africa. Bobbi Bear helps rescue and uphold the rights of sexually abused children. With great bravery, Annica shares her experience of working with these children in a community that in many ways is different from her own. She talks about the tireless efforts of the organisation to bring some justice and a future for these children. Annica is a woman who decided to follow her heart, to live her life as fully and honestly as possible. Following her time in South Africa Annica started a foundation to help Bobbi Bear from Sweden. Annica is a life and career coach at I CAN by Annica. She loves meeting new people, helping them find their strengths and abilities and helping them start making the changes in their lives that they long for.
You can find more information about Bobbi Bear and how to support them:
Swish (for those living in Sweden): 123 44 11 807

Monday Jul 01, 2019

‘Finding a partner, finding love, finding connections is as significant as food and water for our growth and wellbeing’ Kathrine Bejanyan
In this month’s fantastic episode of Your own kind of wonderful, Kathrine returns to delve deeper into relationships and dating. With great clarity and knowledge, she offers the listener a detailed explanation of how to overcome challenges in dating and relationships. Dr Kathrine Bejanyan is a relationship therapist, helping people develop a healthier and happier love life. She has a Master’s in counselling psychology and a PhD in social psychology with her doctorate research focused on romantic relationships cross-culturally.
Contact Kathrine: Website:  Email:
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Tuesday May 28, 2019

‘It’s like we are looking for the person we are going to be happy with forever and that’s not the nature of relationships. A relationship isn’t there to make you happy. A relationship is there for depth, development and connection.’
Dr Kathrine Bejanyan
This month’s episode is all about relationships and dating – and oh boy is it a jungle out there. Relationship expert Kathrine Bejanyan guides us through the jungle to make sense of it all. Using her professional experience, she offers the listener her perspective on the challenges many face when dating and maintaining a fulfilling relationship. Dr Kathrine Bejanayan is a therapist & relationship consultant. She works with individuals and couples on dating and relationships focusing on building deeper intimacy, connection & authenticity in relationships. Katherine also does consulting work for a high-end dating agency and has taught in universities. She holds a PhD in Social Psychology and a Master’s in Counselling Psychology. Head to for more information.

Friday Feb 01, 2019

‘I love wrinkles, wrinkles tell about you, who you are, what you have done in life, it's bringing out all the wisdom you have inside of you’ Eva-Marie Janelo
In this month’s episode, Eva-Marie talks about the ancient skill of face reading. With much passion and knowledge, we hear about this nearly forgotten art and how it can be used as a diagnostic tool both medically and for personal development. Eva-Marie has been practicing Chinese medicine for 20 years and is a Master Face Reader as well as an Acupuncturist.

Sunday Apr 01, 2018

“In some cultures sexuality is a sin, in others, sexuality is a path to enlightenment.” Yael Lindenboim In this month’s episode of Your own kind of wonderful, my guest Yael Lindenboi talks about sexuality and using sexual energy as a way to heal ourselves. With years of experience in both her personal and professional life, Yael explains how being open to our own sexual needs and desires, can help us in so many ways. If you would like to learn what sexual energy is, how it can help heal you and offer pain relief and how to begin talking about your desires, then this episode is for you.

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